Print Ad Design

Although print may not be as dynamic as broadcast or interactive advertising, done right, it can be every bit as effective. Plus, it offers the added advantage of staying power. Unlike a TV or radio spot that’s over in 60 seconds or less, a print ad can be held onto, studied, even torn out and saved. As an advertising, branding and marketing communications agency, we understand that newsletters are not only an effectively affordable communication tool but bring about a continuity as well.

At eComm India, we develop newsletters and corporate magazines for your company to communicate with its audience. The challenge is to develop print ads that stand out and get noticed among the competitive clutter. That’s where smart media placement and exceptional creative make all the difference.

At eComm India, we’re adept at producing carefully crafted ads that grab attention—the kind of ads that win both hearts and sales, and often, more than their fair share of awards.



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