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Experience the beauty of image editing services with eComm India team of expert editors.

The product image is the primary source to attract the attention of a visitor to your eCommerce store. The quality of the product image invariably has a decisive impact on buying choices. Especially since when shopping on the internet an individual can neither touch nor try the product he is evaluating and buying.

The first impression cast by a product image, thus, is very often the last and before being uploaded on an eCommerce website it must be of the best possible quality. No matter how expensive the equipment with which a product image has been shot and how skilled the photographer, a product image still needs significant adjustments and corrections before it is of a publishable quality. Thus, patches and blemishes on a product image have to be removed and multicolored backgrounds have to be converted into a monochrome. Besides, before a product image is uploaded, it has to be ensured that all parts of it are uniformly lit and the color and contrast are suitably adjusted. Often, product images also have to be cropped so that all that is superfluous in the frame is removed and it is only the product which draws a customer’s attention.

At eComm India, we offer eCommerce Product Image Editing Services by our highly skilled and experienced photo editors to help you make your product images immaculate and publishable. Our product image editing services professionals will enhance your product images in a variety of ways:

  • We will change or remove unflattering backgrounds and whenever required make the image backgrounds uniform in tone and color.
  • If needed, we will extract a product image from its background using the Photoshop lasso tool.
  • We will crop product images and adjust the color, contrast and light.
  • We will also take care to remove all patches, blemishes, spots and sunburns from your product images.
  • Our product image editing professionals will create shadows around your product images to lend them a three dimensional feel. This will ensure that a visitor to your eCommerce store feels that he is looking at the actual product instead of a mere image.
  • We will edit your product images using the most advanced masking techniques like layer masking, translucency/transparency masking and alpha channel masking to give your product images that life like feel.
  • We will edit a product image to meet the exact specifications of dimensions, size and file format required by you. If there are any specifications particular to the eCommerce platform on which you have built your estore, we will be mindful of them too.


We are very happy with the photo editing services provided by eComm India photo editors. They are class in their approach. They know the work precisely and they are quick to respond. I would highly recommend theor service to all and I would use them only for all future projects.

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