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News releases can be a magnet to help improve the search engine ranking of your business. This alone is a enough reason to have news and press releases on your website. Optimized press release revolves around your primary keywords and is bait for the search engines and readers fulfilling the primary motive of visibility and providing useful content/information to the readers. The most important element a press release provides is exposure. It is also helpful to have an inbound link from another website, thereby improving the ranking of the website.

While images and overall layouts play an important role in a website’s design, newsletter writing or in other words, the written content is king. And this is because, without good written content, images and fancy layouts do not make a big impact on the reader’s minds. Newsletter writing services understand the way the market works, and they also have a good grasp on how digital space is seen as a whole medium.

Newsletter writing is not just about perfect grammar, great usage of words, or correct sentence formation, it is about making the written word extremely interesting, informative and unique in every way possible. Newsletter writing services have an in depth knowledge of the subject at hand, and deliver quality content which is relevant and easy to read and understand. Breaking information down into various sections is what ultimately makes the newsletter innovative and appealing. Readers online are always in a hurry, and do not have more than a few minutes to spare at a time. Thus newsletter writing needs to be kept short, crisp, and should not be overloaded with too many clich words or phrases, as this ultimately drives the potential consumers away.

Benefits of News & Press Releases for your Business:

  • Improved Search Engine Visibility:A well written, SEO friendly press release has an immense potential to drive traffic to your website from individuals who are looking for information related to your industry. The more websites featuring your press release the more hits and improved ranking you will receive on the search engine result pages.
  • Build Brand Awareness:The primary purpose of press release is to promote our company’s product or service to potential customers. A well distributed press release can do this, by developing useful information and distributing the same to appropriate outlets. You should also engage your customers to ensure that people not only know about your brand but are also interested in it.
  • Link Building and SEO Benefits:Today people are in the habit of reading news over the internet, so by including high quality and fully optimized links in your press release, you can get higher amount of traffic to your website. Hyperlinks in press release can contribute many high quality back-links, thereby improving the SEO of your website.
  • Increased Organic Traffic:Search engine optimized press releases have the ability to deliver a great deal of organic traffic to your website, and should always be considered as an important part of the company’s interactive marketing strategy.



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